Everything needs its own identity. Here are some examples of my work designing brands.

 Oliver G. 


This Logo combines the letters O and G so that they resemble the shape of a face. The red of the card, contrasted with white lines of the letters, points to the clarity that journalists need to communicate with their readers.

 The history of coffee 


This is a poster that tells the story of coffee, using a timeline with icons. It tells curious facts about how the energising effects of coffee were discovered by a goat herder in the year 850. All the information comes from the book BREW, which is popular with coffee lovers.



The design of Includesign starts a spiral with the letter i to finally turn into a D. The spiral refers to the unending nature of events, cultures and dreams of design challenges in architecture.



The logo design is a combination of a laboratory test tube and a flowering leaf. The leaf is a nod to crops that have been grown with transgenic modification.