See here my experience in social-media content creation.

 Manzana Postobón 

 Soft drink brand  

Under the slogan of La Vida es Color de Rosa and shared through its Instagram account with moments Color de Rosa, this account encouraged people to remember special moments with family and friends as well as to enjoy a life full of adventures and unforgettable experiences


 Mr. Tea 

 Tea brand 

Mr. Tea’s Instagram account was created for lovers of natural tea options. The content focuses on potential activities aimed at the same target audience. This includes meditation, yoga, clean eating, planting trees and much more. It also focused on tea ritualisation, including the importance of the leaves, flavours and water.


 Mobile brand 

The campaign consisted of packaging the feelings that people wanted to give at Christmas; love, happiness, peace, fun and prosperity were the chosen feelings to be packaged in small bottles in different shapes, colours, and flavours.


 Cereal brand 

This brand activation was aimed at giving different types of cereal exhibitors to new points of sale such as neighbourhood stores and mini-markets.

 Ultra Zx 

  Supplement Brand  

The account has a tone of voice that reminds followers that you can always be the best version of yourself with perseverance, discipline and patience.




These pieces of communication were designed for the Katie Perry and Maroon Five concert in Bogotá, and these for the BMX world championship and Atlético Nacional matches in Medellín.

 Colombiana La Nuestra 

 Soft drink brand  

Its Instagram account is for fans of good recipes, magical places, and good art of Colombian culture, under its traditional slogan “La nuestra” emphasizes and mentions traditions that we make unique as a country.

 Coca Cola 

 Soft drink brand 

Coca Cola Move Your Senses is a campaign guided by feeling. It is an experience inside a shipping container with lights and sounds to feel the Coca Cola brand in a  new way.


 Beaty brand 

Fullips is a device that increases the thickness of the lips, which was a trend in 2015 in the US. Instagram was used as a point of sales. The content of the account is dedicated to passionate young adult women who like makeup and beauty tips.

 Chocolate Sol 

 Chocolate brand 

The launch of sugar-free Chocolate Sol used motorcycles to deliver snacks and a sample of new Chocolate Sols across CITY.