Nordic style collection 

This collection of furniture is made of anodised aluminum sheets and beech wood, which are typical materials in Nordic design. It is the perfect contrast between nature and industry.
  You can read an article about this project atDesignideas.pic 
 If you are interested in buying this collection, Faberin can help you find a suitable manufacturer in the country you where you live. 

 Más flores para mi balcón 

More Flowers for My Balcony is a representation of urban furniture imagined at the Las Palmas viewpoint in Medellín. More Flowers alludes to the cultivation of a beautiful environment, while My Balcony refers to the viewpoint where the project could be built.
The project looks to promote new ways of frequenting public space. Also, it promotes the care and sense of belonging for both locals and visitors who will be able to catch one of the best views of the City of Eternal Spring.
 ☆This project was a finalist in the TFM award for EsDesignBarcelona